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Speed Optimization and Maintenance specialist


We Help Make Your WordPress Fly

Our tried and tested Speed Optimizations techniques will boost your sites loading times. We dig deep to find out what is slowing down your site and fix these issues, so you can get better rankings with Google.

As you probably know Google’s Lighthouse expects your site to load within 2 seconds. How fast does your site load? If it’s greater than 2 seconds, time to get in contact with us and we’ll get your site moving like Usain Bolt.


Let us take care of the headache of updates and fixes

All software is vulnerable and as you probably have noticed WordPress updates appear all the time. You need to ensure that you keep your site fully updated to be secure.

When last did you make a backup of your site that you spent thousands of pounds on? Don’t worry leave these headaches to us and do what’s important to you, running your business.